At Precision Demolition, safety is a core value. By empowering our employees through training, education, committee involvement and incentive programs, we cultivate a more compliant and proactive work force.

Emphasizing safety in the workplace requires a keen understanding of human nature. People support what they help create, so enforcing programs without input can be an uphill battle. American strives to foster a work environment where employees feel as if they are working to collaborate in the creation of a safe work place, rather than working to avoid an injury or getting caught doing something wrong.

Employees know that their health and welfare will not rank behind production. Supervisors and Project Managers listen to the concerns of their crews and will not hesitate to postpone a task if the appropriate safety equipment is not readily available or if procedures and plans are unclear to workers. This two-way open communication allows workers to feel supported, accountable and in control of their own safety.