At Precision, quality is what sets us apart. We have built a reputation in the demolition industry by providing more than demolition; by providing engineered demolition solutions. Our Precision Process is an integral part of this effort.

On every project, no matter how big or small, we provide a turnkey operation, tearing down old barriers to make way for new opportunities. We pride ourselves on our ability to draw from a library of experience while assisting our clients to think a situation through to a cost effective solution. This preserves our well earned reputation for efficient demolition and industrial dismantling through quality personnel, project management, improved methods, and total job performance.



•Total building demolition/Site Clear
•Demolition and Dismantling
• Interior strip
• Select structural demolition

Project Types

• Industrial – factories and processing plants
• Commercial & Retail Buildings
• Housing – condominiums and multi-family
• Institutional – schools and universities, government buildings